Innovation Imperative and Pixar Animation Studios

Written by Andrew Thomas

On Monday I popped along on to the Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries to listen to talks from David Ajasa-Adekunle of Innovation Imperative and Kate Bergel from Pixar Animation Studios.

It was interesting to hear David's aspirations for the use of animation to explain the lifestyle that surround a building, and how buildings are developed as brands in their own right. It made me think of the Back to the Future movies and how Marty, the main character played by Michael J Fox desired to live on the exclusive and modern Hilldale estate. I guess there's something to say about destination branding and how its applied to buildings, or groups of buildings to convey a more attractive proposition.

Here's one of the example animations that David played on Monday...

Kate's talk was probably a little beyond my expertise, in terms of pixel dynamics and algorithms to provide enhanced animation effects. Kate explained that these where all key factors in producing content for the entertainment games industry, because they made a huge reduction in production times. These new developments in Pixar have been made possible through collaboration between departments such as Research (Kate's home within Pixar) and external partners Disney.

One of the key subjects of her talk described a multi-touch interface that Pixar has developed called Eden. The interface was produced to cut the time it takes to set-dress three-dimensional scenes, Kate explained that it has already been successful, having been used on a small number of Pixar productions and added benefits of reducing the effects of RSI through natural hand movements. Here's a quick video of Eden being used: