The UK's first supermarket own brand baby food for ASDA

Written by Andrew Thomas

Little Angels Baby Food

Its great to see our clients in the press and its always prevalent when they are leading the way. During 2010 we worked with Kealth Foods to develop a brand strategy, identity and a number of communication materials, including packaging for Truly Scrummy Organic, Kealth's very own organic baby food brand.

Kealth originally began life making specialist meals for hospital patients who had difficulty swallowing food, which set them in a great position to produce meals for little one's, which is something that was recognised by ASDA, who are now utilising Kealth's experience for their supermarket own brand Little Angels. Acting in a consultancy role, Hoffi were commissioned as advisors to the ASDA design team for the development of the new Little Angels Baby Food packaging, to ensure things ran smoothly given our experience in the field.

Kealth's income could double as a result of the Asda contract, and the company will be looking to take on more staff as it increases production. We wish them every success with Little Angels and their own brand Truly Scrummy Organic developed with us.

For more information you can read more on Wales Online or on ASDA's Website.