Welcome to Hoffi’s Digital Sketch Pad

Written by Andrew Thomas
Following on from my last post about our research and development project on the Welsh immigration to Patagonia in the 1860’s. I thought it would be nice to show some of the tests and trials that we carried out at the start of the project. Using archive content with modern delivery techniques from a traditional perspective could be potentially one of the most constrained practices that I’ve come across; I mean you’ve got text, images, perhaps audio and video depending on the period. Mixing this content with a story narrative in order to explain the immigration had us scratching our heads during some ideas sessions; with some of our team having a strong focus on the archive material, technology and others thinking more about the reason it was kept in the first place. Some sketches from the pad One of the early ideas we had was to draw your way through the story which was inspired by drawastickman.com. Our thoughts were to allow the user to interpret the story through their own visuals, carrying out tasks through activities more fitting to the archive and period, but using digital. So with a little more inspiration from Mr Doob’s Harmony project we quickly put together a prototype to allow users to sketch on screen and save the contents of their drawing. So given it's a Friday now is probably a good time to introduce it as Hoffi’s Digital Sketch Pad.