We're proud to be supporting the Cardiff Design Festival for the 5th year running.

Written by Andrew Thomas

Homepage - Cardiff Design Festival Website 2012
Cardiff Design Festival desktop and mobile homepages

In 2006 we entered the Cardiff Design Festival showcase with some of our own promotional work, back then we had just started Hoffi and the design festival seemed a great way to promote ourselves as aspiring members of the design industry in Wales.

Six years later we're thrilled to still be supporting the festival as a fundamental annual event within the Welsh design industry and a great promoter of design from Wales to the international design community.

This year we've have designed a strong set of printed materials alongside the festival's online offering, to hopefully deliver a richer experience across the ever growing number of ways to access content. One of the key issues that was brought up last year was being able to access content on the go, and from listening to that feedback this year's website is responsive and adjusts the content depending on the device its being viewed on. Simple tweaks, but it should make tracking what's on during the festival a little easier.

Matt Joyce Illustration for the 2012 Cardiff Design Festival
For the third year running we've teamed up with illustrator Matt Joyce to develop the visual theme for communicating the festival

We also tweaked the submission process for this years 'Best of Welsh Design Awards', by providing access for those submitting to edit and update submissions up until the closing date. Making the process more forgiving for those taking part and lightening the load for the festival organisers, by removing the need for them to replace photography or update copy etc.

Award Submissions - Cardiff Design Festival Website 2012
2012 Best of Welsh Design Submissions - Cardiff Design Festival

Now just under a month to go until the start of the festival, we have a few more bits and bobs to finish and prepare our Naked Wales pub quiz, which takes place on the 9th of October at Shot in the Dark, City Road.