Amazon Brand Stretch - Products through to Experiences

Written by Julian Sykes

amazon logo

I have mentioned Amazon a few times on the blog. In particular discussing how they are developing as a company. Being the world's biggest online retailer Amazon have had an interesting developmental curve. You might be aware of some of their extra products and offers. Probably the most famous are their kindle range of e-book readers. Some of you might also know about their cheap storage through their product glacier. Some of you may know that they also own Love Film. So there are some changes that are more likely by products of a huge company. For example they have a lot of free space kicking around so why not rent it out. They become know initially through books sales and if you project into the future there was a probable need to future proof this market by looking into new book reading technologies. There is also covering the rental market and realising that the future might not just be about buying and ownership of content it might be about rental of online content so Love Film starts to make sense.

So all of these are really interesting developments. However I wanted to look at two new ventures that will be stretching the Amazon brand into the next decade or so. Amazon announced earlier this year that they will be making five tv shows, from a kids show right through to a political comedy. Along with this there is also a growing rumour that Amazon are developing an Android based games console. So what is happening?

There is a growing belief in the marketing sector and within big brands that marketing changing with the idea that experiences and being made for outcomes and the belief that if you make great great content then people will enjoy it. So for companies that have a traditional product range there is a growing move towards creating experiences or creating content and products that encourage engagement. The next few years are going to be interesting to see how the development of product moving to experiences take shape.