ArtsTechCymru Launch

Written by Julian Sykes

Last night I attended the first ArtsTechCymru event at Chapter Arts Centre. The event was billed as the following:

"We're about bringing together passionate people across Wales who are interested in how social media and technology can help engage arts with audiences. It's an informal network based on sharing and sparking new ideas."

To me that brings three things to mind:

1. Venues and organisations using (effectively) internet based systems to engage with audiences and sell more tickets.
2. Artists and technologists coming together to create new work that engage new audiences.
3. The opportunity for 'marketing, advertising' people to meet 'production' people and start to question what are the differences (if any)?

The first event is always going to be hard to capture all of that however the first was centred around point 1. I hope that in future events we can look at the other two points a bit more. When it comes to productions the tech industry particularly within the arts sector really does need support, and I hope this group can really help with that. I also hope that smaller groups such as hack space in cardiff and culture hack events that seem to be in the early stages of development all get an opportunity to involve their projects with the group. The idea of audience for me is becoming more and more blurred so any group that can keep on making that blurrier is a good thing. I believe people want that investment in time and consultation. The ability to be involved in work and its development and to be given an opportunity respond and feedback.