Brand stretch a quick example - The Guardian

Written by Julian Sykes

guardian logo

I came across this today and it felt very much in the ilk of brand stretch but also collaboration between two well established brands. The project is called Connection and is a joint project between the Guardian newspaper and Young Vic Theatre and it's output are short films. If we break down the proposition it becomes quite interesting to look at this project.

Firstly the natural fit centres around these two brands seems really strong. The Guardian is well known for having a strong reputation in reporting about Culture and the Arts. Therefore the fit of them hosting films makes sense. The collaboration with Young Vic I imagine will also help with attracting new younger audiences. For Young Vic there is a great opportunity to help develop new talent and also allow them to test themselves through a guaranteed online audience.

I look forward to seeing this type of work develop, as it is really interesting to see the intention's of The Guardian, to see how they will develop into creating fictional content such as this? So from news reporting to art creation? It seems odd, yet when you think about it BBC, Sky, itv do just that as well as many other broadcasters. Is this an indication that media agencies with newspaper origins or TV origins are beginning to gravitate to a similar place?