Curating to create brand narratives

Written by Julian Sykes

More and more recently we have been asked what we do. Sure we have designed websites and brochures over the years. But fundamentally we have been a branding company at first this has been produced through the visual aspects of branding such as the mark, and other communications such as stationery, flyers, powerpoint templates etc. More recently however we have been developing projects that also get into the strategy of our clients and what they do and more importantly why they do it.

As we have all heard the big challenge of today is to create authentic stories that are of your brand. Describing what and how you do it are still important but it seems to be the story and narrative that really gets people emotionally involved in a brand and it's experience. The above short video a quick snapshot of a recent project we have worked on with EDC. What has been interesting with the ongoing project is the huge amount of stories people have when it comes to Ecodesign, yet it is still on initial approach seen as a bit of a grey area. You can see more of EDC's thoughts on their blog EDCshare.

With the goal of opening up the organisation as much as possible we think the blog is a good start. And it is this that has made us realise that 'making' and 'doing' can be done in many different ways. We feel the next decade or so will be our role to challenge preconceptions of our clients and hope to bring insight. Curating to create brand narratives.