E:DN Event - Design Social Entrepreneurship

Written by Julian Sykes

I managed to get to the latest of the E:DN events a few weeks ago, it was interesting departure from the general workshop events you attend. For designers it's generally all about design and how design is good or bad. How we are not doing enough or we are doing things too much. So it was interesting to get involved in a broader event that included people who are involved daily in working within co-operatives and other social entreprises. The thing that immediately becomes apparent is that the refreshing things they were discussing was the idea of failure.

The failure being about challenging new ways of doing things and without the possibility of failure you are never really going to be able to develop new ways of working. I think this is always going to be hard in any business. Time is money after all, however without the ability to innovate, it's really not going to be a very enjoyable place to work and also over time you are going to be pushed out of business from some other company that does innovate.

So really you got to ask can you afford not to fail?

A few other bits of information I have been thinking about the event since and a link to the E:DN network for you to see a bit more about what they get up to:

- www.julianmarshallsykes-branding.blogspot.com/2011/02/scalability.html
- www.ecodesignnetwork.org/workshop/edn-14-design-social-entrepreneurship-...

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