Games - Bite size tips

Written by Julian Sykes


Following on from the last few blogs about Intersection and what people are thinking about the next piece is very close to my heart. In fact this was so apt that Andrew asked me when we were at Intersection "had I primed the speakers to talk about games?".

Unfortunately I don't have that much sway, it was great however to hear so many people talking about games and the power of play on many different levels throughout business. In someways all organisations and companies are trying to make you change your behaviour. this can be in a small way or in a huge life changing way. Traditionally brands have gone about this through marketing and advertising and it was assumed that the reason people bought things was because of facts and figures centred around the products. This Attention economy has moved slowly to one of an Attraction economy, from shouting at people we are now asking and forming conversations. This has led to strong story based brands which you believe in and so involve yourself in their brand.

So what next?

Well companies are starting to introduce even deeper ways of developing involvement in their brands and this time it's not just about the customer its also the employee. Games are being introduced on a number of levels, to invigorate and refresh learning techniques in companies such as Microsoft, through to games being introduced by Google for it's customers to do things for them that their bots could not Other companies are using it in a more experience based way through association of gaming events with their audience.

All of this is very new and fresh and it will be interesting to hear how games develop within companies internally and how they are used externally in the future.