Intersection 2011 - To many things to think about

Written by Julian Sykes


That was always going to be the problem with a conference like Intersection. Tom Hulme (Design Director from IDEO), Josephine Green formally of Phillips, David McCandlees of Ted fame and John Thackara to name but a few. Were all present to for the the two day event which was centred around Creativity and Business and was particularly looking at the sustainable angle of business and ways in which this could be improved for the future. The event itself was at the Eden Project which is the first time I have been to the project so it was great to kill two birds with one stone.

Part of the cornwall design season and also looked at the second DOTT event (the first one being back in 2007 in the North East of England). The event was a pretty standard format with speakers talking for around 30 minutes about projects they have been involved in, or thoughts and beliefs they are thinking about. I think for me the nature of the talks was interesting on a number of levels. the main reason was a lot of people said the same thing again and again. Processes and thoughts were described that kept on popping up.

The main themes for me were as follows, I will be adding more content in the following blog posts:

- Ask the right question
- Gaming
- Collaboration V's Competition??
- Purpose
- Blended Reality
- Note of caution to designers


For now I will leave you with the above image that shows what we might be doing if we really do destroy this planet.