New projects for 2014 and things to look at

Written by Julian Sykes

It's been a busy few months for Hoffi. We have been travelling all over Wales meeting and new people. Sometimes the weather hasn't played ball and we didn't always manage to get to every meeting but we are delighted to be working with Bangor University on a very exciting arts project and equally excited working on a literary project based in Aberystwyth. More on these projects later in the year.

Along with this work we have also been working on some very cool mobile applications for a number of experiences that will be taking place over 2014. Having previously worked with yello brick on their street game REVERIE we are going to be creating a slightly different application for them this time. We are looking to develop a small group of testers for the application so if you are interested let us know.

Finally we were not able to attend but if anyone in the arts industry is looking for inspiration then do check out the videos from the No Boundaries event in Bristol and York. Some great speakers looking at the future of Arts.