the next facebook - and is that what we need?

Written by Julian Sykes


It was a number of weeks ago now that I travelled to Brazil with Victoria from Watershed and Pervasive Media Studio and Tim from matter 2 media. We went over to discuss a project I took part in this February called the playable city sprint. We met a lot of people through the workshops and going to events, with the objective to understand and discuss the idea of what a playable city response could be in Brazil. It's an ongoing project and one that I hope to be involved in further. However what I really want to write about isn't directly the project but things around the project that seem to be particularly appropriate.

Changing a city through partnerships:
I wrote in a previous blog about if you city was a person what would they shout about to friends to try and impress them? what is it that the other city would go wow. Or you lucky thing. Well maybe lets back track a bit and think if you are a great person (city) then it's unlikely you are going to blurt out on the first few seconds of meeting someone that you are going to say hi I am Cardiff and I have own a red ferrari. But cities might learn about you owning a ferrari in time. So what I am saying is could the real way of getting to know cities is through relationships?

But how does this work? how could we get this in Cardiff? well I dont think the first thing should be look at my event. i think it should be a hello whats you favourite colour (never that good a conversation starters)

Concentration on the next HUGE thing
The main thing that I wanted to explore is an ongoing idea of scalability and replication of models and generally how possibly we are a wee bit obsessed with the next HUGE idea. I wrote in an article on my blog a while ago about scalability. People discuss about companies needing to be the next facebook or Google. But as we were discussing in Brazil. Look at silicon valley. There are huge companies there yes. but also below this there are 1,000's of small companies all creating amazing products/services that are being bought by customers and are contributing to the economy. Choice is the spice of life and small dynamic companies that can react, collaborate and evolve. So instead of huge investments for one company why not the same investment in hundreds of companies?

Would this approach allow for greater unique companies being created? would this multiple approach lead to more connections?