So you have graduated. Right?

Written by Julian Sykes

So the show is up and you are thinking about the summer, maybe some of you are thinking about going travelling. Others are thinking about looking for a job and some just a bit of work experience / internship. So for the ones out there looking for a place in a creative studio what do you need to do to get some experience?

Firstly let's say there are around 30 odd students in your uni class, there are probably about 5-6 courses each with students who might consider themselves capable or getting a design job, then say there are around 100 or so uni's who do creative courses. That is already about 18,000 people. Then you have people who havn't got a job yet from last year and others generally looking for a career change. So that is a lot of people.

So here are a few things to be thinking about:

  1. Firstly think about how many emails we get asking for placements. It is great if you therefore address it to someone rather than Sir/Madam.
  2. If you want a job or placement a good idea is to write specifically about the company that you want to work for. Do not write a generic letter BCCing a whole load of other agencies together.
  3. Check your email before you send it. You have taken around 19-20 years getting to this stage, is an extra five minutes making sure there are no typo's too much??
  4. Portfolio's it's nice to see pdf's. These are fine but not ones that are over 10mb's. If you don't know how to create proper pdf's it might be a good idea to learn as you will be using them alot when in work.
  5. Finally show a bit of passion and you really need to be looking at digital as well and non-digital work.

Hope this helps...!