Try it out first - prototype

Written by Julian Sykes

Prototyping made simple from thinkpublic on Vimeo.

As some of you may know myself and allie and the rest of thinkARK are going to be holding a games festival which will take place at the start of October and will take place during the 2011 Cardiff Design Festival. The festival will cover a conference and also some playing of games both on and offline (and everything in between). In the lead up to the festival we will be testing games to see how things work etc. Two weekends ago we did our first games testing day. We didn't have very long to put the game together but we were pretty sure how it was going to play and how people would react. One word... WRONG!!!

Things that had seemed insignificant became big issues, and things that had not really been planned were a great success. So to this point and think about our own practice and brand strategy. There is a huge amount of information to be learnt to trying things out first. We would call it prototyping and there is a great video above from Designers Front and thinkpublic who describe the strengths of prototyping. The thing therefore that we do is to apply a design process to the project that standardises how a project is produced yet allows for the the unique brand to steer the outcome.