Vikings and museums - access behind the glass

Written by Julian Sykes

For the last few months I have been working on a project with Jacqui Mulville and Andrew Cochrane from Cardiff University. The project is being funded through the REACT programme and is looking at how the Internet of Things may allow people to access museum artefacts in new and interesting ways. Our initial work has been centred around visiting museums and getting a sense of what the issues are for them in terms of visitors and displays.

shrunken skull

With the project we have been looking at we may use technology to help in the process of engaging with the museum's and their stories and content. In particular we have been looking at how 3D printing and BLE tech maybe used to create artefacts which visitors can use as their companion's throughout the visit. We have been drawing on the game mechanics we have used with our collaborators Yello Brick to see how we can bring a gambling element to the experience. The idea of lose and gain in cultures is a really interesting subject matter and we hope through this approach we can provide some emotional elements what would not be possible without. Due to the Cardiff Universities collection we are going to be conducting some trials of the experience centred around the Viking culture. It is still early days but we are looking forward to moving forward with this in the next few months.