What we have learnt in 2011 - Number 1

Written by Julian Sykes

Last year we wrote a few pieces about what we had learnt, and what we were thinking about implementing ready for the next year. It seemed to go down quite well so we felt it might be good to do it again.

So what have we learnt in 2011?
Well this year has been pretty incredible in terms of projects. We have rebranded, restructured and redeveloped some brilliant companies and brands. We feel like we have moved on again and our projects have become that bit bigger and that bit wider reaching. With this comes more pressure and more expectation. But what we have really learnt is that people are people. They laugh, smile and cry just like the rest of us.

So if you are thinking about doing something give it a go. What's the worst can happen?*

*Check out the guy from social network in the above Dr Pepper advert.