When do we change?

Written by Julian Sykes

I remember a few years ago hearing that we as people change our personality every 7 years or so. Our lives move us and mould us into different people. This got me thinking about how brands change and develop. I have been thinking about the idea of Apple and how they have been slowly changing as a brand in my mind. A few decades ago there was one Apple brand. A brand that made computers (mainly for the creative industries). I remember playing with Photoshop and Quark in my fathers printing business. Then things began to change the idea of 'think different' began and their computers became colourful and popular. iMac's and iBook's all came in a variety of choices which was in stark contrast to the greys and blacks of the other competitor models. But they were still computers. They had manage to make popular computers but the innovation was a field they knew.

Apple brought out a device that was core to it's founders, the iPod. It was the first time you could argue that Apple began to step outside 'what it did'. It was potentially the first time the 'thinking different' became a reality and new markets were entered and revolutionised.

Apple did it again when they launched into the mobile phone market with the 1st generation iPhone. Many see this as transforming the market place and indeed with only a few years huge mobile brands such as NOKIA had gone from market leaders to also rans. This was the second time they had gone into a new market and revolutionised it as well as having a huge impact on other markets such as the gaming industry through the App Store.

The Apple Watch is the latest product Apple have launched into the market. The irony being that for many the phone is the reason they do now not wear watches. It seems like health will be a big market for the watch, however it feels like a big gamble in comparison to the other products.

Only a rumour at the moment however in five years we will also be looking at a brand new product range for Apple. The Apple Car has been discussed at length online and it seems from the people it has been recruiting that an Apple Car is very much in development.

So for me the question becomes:

IS APPLE A COMPUTER BRAND ANYMORE? and if not what is it?