Brand Strategy

Energy Saving Trust

Designing campaign specific brands

As the rostered bilingual design agency for Energy Trust, we have been responsible for some of the largest campaign brands within the sector within Wales.

Work has included the branding of multi-million project Nyth - Nest which partnered EST, British Gas and Welsh Government with the aim to improve the energy efficiency of stone walled housing for the people most at risk of fuel poverty. We have also developed campaign brands community projects such as Ynni’r Fro and ARBED projects that encourage the use or renewable energy sources and allow the communities to take control of their energy production in the future. While all of the projects have very similar goals it is important that through a thorough research phase the customer is identified. Once this information is identified we are able to create bespoke and relevant content for them rather than producing work that is an ill fitting. As you can see from the imagery each campaign brand is very different to encourage different responses.

With the Nyth - Nest project for example it was important to understand the customer as well as the steps needed to engage with the customer. Due to the nature of the audience generally located in rural areas and elderly it was clear that a mixed communication strategy would be needed. We therefore created a communication strategy that looked to engage with local community ambassadors such as the local doctor, priest or shop keeper. These trusted people could then become the ‘word of mouth’ marketers of the campaign. As well as this there was also a second communication strand that looked to engage with the relations of the owner of the house. With this approach has managed to help thousands of Welsh home owners.