Brand Strategy & Digital

Newington Communications

New name, new brand, new direction

Newington deliver issue-led, outcomes-focused communications, with offices across the UK and internationally through their network of partners, they cover clients’ communications needs across local, national and European levels. For over ten years they have worked in partnership with their clients, taking a holistic approach to the development and delivery of communications support – from start to finish, they work with clients to ensure there is value in everything they do. We were asked by Newington to help them develop a new name, new brand and new website to help them grow and widen their reach internationally. This work involved several stake holder meetings to establish their values, characteristics and future goals.

What became clear from this initial work was that they worked in a bespoke tailored way for their clients. No one project was the same as they chose particular services through experience to respond to their clients needs. While this was a definite strength it also seemed (for the client) hard to understand and get a grasp of what a client could expect when working with them, we started here. Breaking down their key services we then created case studies that contextualised these services within a real life scenario. This allowed a potential client to have a clear and quick idea of what they could expect from Newington and what results this could bring.