Coreo Cymru

Wales' Creative Dance Producer: Coreo Cymru, is an initiative set up to encourage and manage the creation and production of new dance activity and to support the development of Wales based artists and companies.

Wales' National Dance Producer

Coreo Cymru is the brand name of Wales’ Creative Dance Producer. Launched in January 2012 in partnership with Creative Producer Carole Blade and Cardiff based arts centre Chapter. The programme embraces partnerships with Wales based dance organisations along with international partnerships and co-producers.

We worked with Creative Producer Carole Blade to brand the collaboration with Chapter, from the name of the organisation right through to the launch materials that announced the project and highlight the three year programme.

Collaboration has become necessary more than ever within the Arts sector, because funding has been hit hard due to lack of opportunities and groups are having to work together to make projects happen.

The brief was to develop an identity that would work for all the relevant partners, creating a brand that could be adapted by the partners and yet also to the work that Coreo Cymru would be producing. We focused brand on a simple, but strong typographic element. Having such a bold mark, allowed us to adapt and change its visual treatment depending on the performance or collaboration.

The result of the Coreo Cymru project has seen increased investment to the dance portfolio for the creative producer initiative. Enabling Wales to focus its support for dance artists and companies, and broaden its reach and networks.

Announcing the Creative Dance Producer of Wales

Announcing the Creative Dance Producer of Wales

Our work on the launch of saw us bring together our own collaborative team, which included international photographer Jorge Lizalde, who worked with us to create a set of images show the purity of the human form.

Along the way we had lots of fun leading up to the main shoot testing various liquids and colours with Morph, our stand in model.