Rubicon Dance

Dance in the community

Rubicon is the community dance development organisation for Cardiff and Newport and was one of the first of its kind in the UK. It was launched in 1976, as the Cardiff Community Dance Project based at the Sherman Theatre. After 30 years Rubicon Dance has become hugely respected within Cardiff for providing Dance classes for all, dividing courses between full-time and part-time.

We began working with them in 2009 after they approached us to work on their brand. With the 2008 recession hitting their brand needed to move in line with a more commercially viable model: relying less on arts funding.

We worked directly with the Rubicon board gaining valuable insight as to why the rebrand was necessary and their strategy behind the change. We also took the opportunity to gather feedback from their full time students, we did this by running a half-day workshop gathering thoughts through images and photography and mapping it on the wall of their dance studio in Splott. The feedback we gathered from students indicated that the quality of the teaching was excellent, yet the public didn’t know about it.

It was these workshops that identified the challenge to move the brand from a community dance organisation to one that produces great professional dancers and provide classes for the local community.

The from the workshops and understanding the true challenge, we could focus our work on developing a brand was for young adults who wanted to study as professional dancers; a brand that was youthful, that also gave an air of professionalism.

The launch of the new brand included a mark that could be used as an icon for Rubicon: a symbol to tag clothing, uniforms, even any equipment used at the dance school. However its also brought together a greater sense of identity to those who work and volunteer.