Theatr Na Nog

Theatr na nOg

Theatr na nÓg was established in 1982 to produce theatre for a wide spectrum of audiences throughout Wales in a variety of venues and locations. They came to us with a need to raise awareness of the company to an adult audience. They already produced theatre for all ages, however due to their running position and success in childrens theatre, audiences focused on that area of the company.

We began working with Theatr Na nÓg in 2012, starting the project with the board. We spent quite a bit of time with them to learn how the organisation was governed and run. This gave us some fantastic insights into the direction that the company was planning to take and allowed our thoughts and questions to get directly to the key stakeholders of the project.

Our work mapped current output from their marketing department, internal opinions from staff and production teams, along with input from public audiences. This brought up some interesting feedback around the company perceptions, heritage, capacity and the staff facilities in their studio based in Neath. We gathered this information though our Acclimatise workshop and responded by focusing on five clear paths for the company, which questioned their choice of production; audience; scale; the visual and a strategy for selling the next show.

In tandem our research led to some interesting conversations around the importance of company over show or show over the company. This question has come up time and time with many arts organisations that we’ve worked with, for Na nÓg their shows took precedence, with a brand being developed in the theme of the individual show. However we felt it was important for the company’s brand to be represented clearly alongside any show that they produced. This allowed the understanding that ‘this is a Na nÓg show’ to pass through audiences.

The result is a more coherent company brand represented both visually and throughout the organisation.