Digital Experience

I am Tudor

Working with Yello Brick and Welsh National Opera, developing an online campaign that challenged the audience to become a member of the tudor court. I am Tudor, Are you?

collaborating to create great digital experience

In 1943, WNO was founded by a group of people from across South Wales including miners, teachers and doctors. They wanted to forge an opera company befitting Wales’s rich reputation as the ‘land of song’.

Welsh National Opera commissioned creative marketing agency Yello Brick to produce a digital experience that would attract and engage new audiences for a Tudor Season of opera. The experience centred around a fictional story of the Tudors taking rule of Britain as we know it today. The newly controlled Tudor authorities had the job of actively processing citizens loyalty to the new state through a test of citizenship.

It was our role to work with our friends at Yello Brick to develop the technology needed for the digital experience. Through understanding the target audience of young creatives, we focused on using key developing technology. With this understanding, along with when and how they were likely to take the test; lead us to focus on the experience delivered using HTML5 video. The whole process was great; working collaboratively with Yello Brick was a really fun experience, even down to listening and feeding back on auditions for actors.

We achieved some great functionality using social media login to make use of personal photos to enhance the users experience, but also gather rich marketing data to monitor the project and future audiences.

Alongside ROI and data gathering stuff we developed playful elements that gave the illusion that the experience was live; by telephoning the user and responding to personal questions about the users age. Yello Brick’s experience of writing stories that sit alongside game mechanics really brought things together helping to provide a more immersive experience.

I Am Tudor - Live experience on the High Street