Carwyn wins Photomarathon UK 2012

Winning Photomarathon 2012 (Image copyright photmarathon uk)

So after 6 years of trying, laughs, sweat, headaches, anger issues, I did it, I won photomarathon UK 2012.

If anyone is not familiar with Photomarathon; Over 12 hours you have to take 12 pictures on 12 given topics. It’s not your physical condition, but your sense of improvisation, fun and creativity that is stressed throughout the Photomarathon.

I don’t think this quite gets over the physical and mental stress of it all, you are given the first 4 topics at 10am in the morning, another 4 at 2pm and the remaining 4 at 6pm. These are usually one word topics such as “press” or friendship. The challenge then is to think of a single photograph that will capture this topic, easier than it sounds. You need to take the photograph and move on to the next topic, you can’t go back to a previous topic either, unless you want to delete any pictures you took previously, as all pictures have to be in the order given. 12 hours sounds like a long time to take just 12 photographs, but trust me it is not.

Very happy to be winning this year, below is a selection of my images this year

Entry Number Celebration


The State we are in


More can be seen on my Flickr