Photomarathon 2011

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The great outdoors


On Saturday I completed my 5th Photomarathon! High five to me!, but what is Photomarathon you ask?

A Photomarathon is a photograph competition with a twist: Over 12 hours you have to take 12 pictures on 12 given topics. It’s not your physical condition, but your sense of improvisation, fun and creativity that is stressed throughout the Photomarathon.

At 10am on the day of the Photomarthon, each entrant will have their camera and memory card checked and verified and then will be issued with the first set of 4 topics. They have the next four hours to shoot one image per topic, in the same order as the topics are listed. Four hours later at 2pm the next set of topics are released. Each entrant must personally collect the set of topics from the HQ, and have their entry card stamped to prove attendance. This process is repeated again at 6pm. The HQ will then receive the completed entries – via direct download from your memory card – from 7pm until 10pm.

As always, it's a fun day, mixed with stress, excitement, creativity and a little bit of skill! This year I was quite methodical about the planning and instead of wandering around looking for something to fit the topics, I sat down and planned what I was going to do, did this work? I will find out at the end of July when the winners are announced.

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