Avengers Age of Ultron extended storylines

Written by Julian Sykes
So for those Marvel fans the launch of the latest Avengers movie has long been anticipated. What interests us when it comes to the new film is how it works within the Marvel universe. When we look through the recent reviews from a variety of sources it seems for many it not as good a film as the initial avengers film, with many discussing the complexity of the film and how there is so much to it, it becomes disjointed and for want of a better word 'bitty'. But for us this feels of the original art. It feels like a comic film with it potentially beginning to challenge what films in this age are and can be. So our question is this type of film a new way of experiencing a world? Over the course of the next few years there will be premiere's of a half dozen new films that will all introduce new characters, reveal the final few infinity stones and solidify new enemies. But the feeling from ourselves is that the films while important to work on an individual basis should be treated as a whole. This also includes the other off shoots, such as Dare Devil Netflix tv series, Agents of SHIELD and also Agent Carter. Time will tell wether this does become a new way of seeing and experiencing a film or more accurately diving into a world where we as audience are consciously thinking about how this story joins up with others in the world and how within your eyes you can almost foresee what you think the future will be. A large part of Marvel is it's community and through this approach there is a huge element of allowing them the ability to discuss and propose ways that the future might unfold.