Application Development

Celtic Tales

Twelve bilingual stories delivered across six routes on our National Cycling Network.

Developing a GPS enabled bilingual application

Our friends at Yello Brick came to us with lots of questions about delivering location based experiences via mobile devices, there was always an underlying understanding between the team to stepping away from the traditional maps. You would expect maps to be the focus with most cycling and walking apps, but the guys at Yello wanted a more immersive experience; something playful that the user could lose themselves in, without getting lost of course, and whilst maintaining an experience that delivered story narrative based on your physical location. We tried a number of ideas quickly, building prototypes that used text messaging, voice calls, mobile websites and native applications, before finally opting to develop a native smartphone application. We found this to be an obvious choice to deliver content to both cyclists and walkers; Gps and push technologies are key tools that we couldn’t really ignore; they are features that have been generally accepted throughout our society. It made sense to use them to deliver location based content on our cycle routes. However with such a huge reliance on technology it was also important that we planned for failures, for example should there be a problem with a user’s Gps location the app would still function and deliver the experience. It was through prototyping and user testing that we understood the potential pitfalls of the app and included features to help and support the user during a route. So if you're looking for something to do on the few dry days we have, Celtic Tales is the perfect excuse to get out there on your bike or pull those walking boots out of the cupboard. The app offers great activities for families to explore the great outdoors or fun stories to share with your friends or even enjoy on a solo journey.
Delivering location based content

Delivering location based content

Over the course of the project we carried out extensive user testing to ensure that the stories were delivered in the correct locations on all routes. We travelled around quite a lot and got to see some great places in Wales. It was through this testing that we discovered using the native GPS co-ordinates of the device alone was not good enough. There was not enough feedback for the delivery of content, and when there was the battery life was appalling.

From this learning we developed an algorithm that softened the appearance of the GPS tracking for the user, but in truth we gained a greater understanding of the user’s location, including direction and speed mapped over a period of time.

In App icons to help identify the routes around Wales
Collaborative and agile development

Collaborative and agile development

From the very start Celtic Tales was always a very open and collaborative project. Working with writers, illustrators, cultural organisations and volunteers all supported and managed by our friends at Yello Brick. This proved to be a great way of working on the project, allowing us to develop quickly from the initial concepts and ideas through to working prototypes and the final application. Delivered on both Android and Apple devices.

Celtic Tales is available from Apple iTunes and the Google Play stores. Apple iTunes Download ButtonGoogle Play Store Button