By encouraging people to work together we believe that we can make Cardiff the most creative place it can be.

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Over the last 24 months we’ve been working with Cardiff University to develop its network to support the creative sector in Cardiff. From film to fashion and theatre to craft, Creative Cardiff provides a foundation for individuals and organisations to meet, collaborate and really champion creativity in the City.

We were fortunate to start working with the Creative Cardiff team from the very beginning, which helped us develop a deep understanding of the project and how it sat with the university. This allowed us to map the organisation goals and develop the creative brand alongside them.

Working closely with Hoffi for the last five years on our brand design and website development has been fundamental to realising our organisation’s identity. It has been an ever-evolving, creative journey and Hoffi always present new thinking or ideas that are outside of the box. They are dynamic and thoughtful, user-focused and deliver on, or ahead of, time. Hoffi really are part of our team and when needed are our champions, challengers, or critical friends.
Kayleigh Mcleod
Communications and Engagement
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One of the key decisions when developing the brand was whether to keep close connections with the university or if this could potentially put people off taking part. However, through our findings, it was felt that adopting university brand elements and including them within communications for Creative Cardiff would show and reinforce Cardiff University’s involvement in the creative sector.

As part of the brand development, we helped create ways of working and running the network, primarily through helping structure their offer throughout their first year. This was achieved through the 52 things campaign, allowing the focus to be placed on one feature per week. Additional content and buzz came from content sourced from the community. Since its launch, the Creative Cardiff brand has developed the relationship between the university, creative individuals and organisations throughout the city of Cardiff and surrounding areas.

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