We worked with Bristol BID and Artistic Director, Katherine Jewkes to create the brand for what has quickly become a world renowned festival of light, Bristol Light Festival. It became clear from the outset that the branding work had to have “Bristol” in it. It also had to have an artistic quality and it had to be playful.  

bristol light festival merchandise

This was the first time the festival had been run so without any existing brand equity it was imperative that the branding and all its outputs shared the festival vision and values. We explored a number of options as to how this could be achieved but in the end the first concept became the one that was built on.

The idea behind the brand was to place well known landmarks within the marketing literature and to illuminate these areas with a trail of light. As the festival was made up of over 10 installations dotted around the city centre the design visual became an explanation of the festival idea and was used across posters, billboards and flyers. Alongside this we also design maps for visitors to take which provided them with artist information and the locations for each piece. We also design illuminated signage cubes to help people easily find the installations.

In the first year the festival attracted over 60,000 visitors and having now run for a third time it has grown to over 250,000 visitors in 2023.